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Hello, Kia ora...

My name is David Blackborow BApp (couns)

I am currently a provisional member of the

New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

My practice is based in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Candies Out the Jar

"In each of us there is a little voice that knows exactly which way to go" 
Alice Walker - Writer & Social Activist

About Me

I studied the Bachelor of Applied Counselling at MIT in Auckland.

I trained as a counsellor in later life. I feel that my lived experiences bring a natural empathetic understanding into my counselling practice.

I would describe my approach as person centred which means you will always be the centre of your own story.

I also believe that a sprinkling of timely humour enhances the therapeutic process.

Why CRISP Counselling?

CRISP Counselling reflects the values and principles

that I work with in the counselling space;

Collaborative; working together in partnership

Respectful; acknowledging client's beliefs,

values and identity

Integrative; combining different interventions

& approaches that work for clients

Supportive; supporting clients on their journey

Positive outcomes; creating positive

outcome & a positive therapeutic experience for clients

Tin Kettle

"All the good conversations start with 'Yes' to a cup tea"  (Me)

Get to Know Us

I am a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. 

Havening Techniques can be applied to many presenting issues,

essentially it reduces the intensity of emotions associated with a traumatic event.

To find out more about Havening, click on the link above.

To ask a question or book a session, please fill in the contact form below

"I can now talk to my family about my trauma without feeling triggered...
Thank you"

Mr R, Napier

CRISP Counselling?

CRISP Counselling reflects the values and

principles that I work with in the counselling space;

Collaborative; working together in partnership

Respectful; acknowledging my client's beliefs and values

Integrative; combining different interventions

Supportive; supporting my client on their journey

Positive Outcomes; working to create both a positive therapeutic experience and outcome for my clients.

 How to get in touch 

ph: 021 1930945

Thank you for getting in touch


Please feel free to get in touch

One on One Counselling

Delivered through a pluralistic approach which integrates a "menu" of modalities.

Areas that I have worked with clients on include:


 Anxiety, Depression,


Relationship Issues,  

Managing Feelings of Anger, 

Emotional Regulation,

Panic Attacks,

Life Changing Events,

Building Self-Esteem &

Self Confidence,

Adjusting to new life situations,

Divorce & Separation,


Trauma Counselling

Events can happen to us that are or were out of our control, but impact the quality of how we live our life. Talk therapy and developing tools to help regulate emotional responses are possible ways to start taking back control.

Havening Techniques(R) can help shift intense and invasive emotion.

Would you like some guidance to help achieve this?

Paternal Perinatal

Depression (PPND)

Helping new Dads adjust to life. The arrival of a new baby can be tough. The 'demand' to be strong for mom and a positive role model for the next generation may not come naturally.


Would you like to talk to someone about how you are feeling or to share your worries?

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